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Ms. Boikaego Neo Mogae

Consultant, LLB (University of Botswana), Compliance Management Certification (University of Cape Town), Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator (Society of Mediators, UK)

Ms. Boikaego Neo Mogae


Boikaego is an independent legal consultant with the firm, who’s client-centric approach is at the core of her practice. At the crux of her approach to being a legal services provider, is her objective to imbue  clients with the complete assurance and comfort that their matter is in able, competent, and conscientious hands.

She graduated amongst the top cadre of her class at the University of Botswana in 2014, and thereafter joined the transactional division at Collins Newman & Company. In addition to working at Collins Newman & Company, she has also worked at other leading corporate commercial law firms in the jurisdiction, namely: Armstrongs Attorneys and Bookbinder Business Law.

Throughout her legal career, Boikaego has worked with some of Botswana’s leading entities and parastatals, which has garnered her a wealth of varied and unique experience. Boikaego’s legal experience extends to banking and finance, corporate governance and compliance, capital markets, corporate commercial law, employment and labour matters, intellectual property et al.  

In furtherance of her keen interest in banking and finance, Boikaego undertook further units of  study  at the London School of Economics in the subjects of International Tax Avoidance, International Financial Law and Financial Regulation, in 2017. During the height of the pandemic in 2020,  Boikaego earned a Graduate Certificate in Compliance Management from the University of Cape Town . She is a passionate advocate for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methodologies, and is an accredited civil and commercial mediator, with the Society of Mediators (UK).

Boikaego became a legal consultant with the firm in July 2021.

Boikaego’s key practice areas include: